Luxury Travel Plans: Tuscan Holiday | Naples Illustrated

This is great things on luxury travel. Ensure to examine it out as it can assist with fresh concepts on where to visit next.

“At the heart of the five-star Tuscan resort is the castle itself, with roots dating back to the year 998. Among the castle’s interesting inhabitants during its thousand-year history was aristocratic film director Luchino Visconti (1969’s The Damned and 1971’s Death in Venice), who owned what is now the main hotel villa of the castle compound in the 1960s. In those days, Visconti hosted a glittering array of Hollywood royalty, including Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor.”…Luxury Travel Plans: Tuscan Holiday | Naples Illustrated

So many people know that travel is one of the most important things in life, yet so many people invest too little time on this. Below you will find additional information on travelling the world that can help you even more.

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